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Divya Electro Technica Pvt. Ltd. is the leading turnstile manufacturers of access control and Security Entrance Gate Systems, providing Full height security turnstiles, waist hight turnstiles and Dual Door Tubestile

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Tripod Turnstile Gate

Tripod Turnstile are very simple, reliable, and economical crowd-organizing entrance gate system.
Tripod turnstile is a three-armed rotating security gate.
Tripod Turnstile is used wherever the controlled entrance and exit of crowds of people is needed.
Among all turnstiles, the tripod turnstile is the most tried and true, reliable turnstile, and has been around for many decades.
The operation of tripod turnstiles is simple and practical.
The primary working part, which gives Tripod Turnstile its name, is the three angular arms you must turn while walking through the gate.
As you approach the Tripod Turnstile, you must push the uppermost arm to move through.
The 'axle' of these three arms is set at a 45% angle to the floor, so that the uppermost tripod arm is at a horizontal level and the two lower arms are tucked out of the way of your legs.
As you walk through the tripod turnstile the upper arm you are pushing rotates downward and out of your way so you can walk through, and the next arm rotates up and out behind you to stop in the upper, horizontal position.
The three arms of Tripod Turnstile are spaced with enough room to allow one person to walk through.
In Tripod Turnstile three number of arms has become widely used due to its ideal spacing; with two arms, more than one person can go through, and with four arms the space is too small for even one person to walk through without a little squeeze.
Three is perfect, and the tripod turnstile allows an easy passage of quick-moving crowds to move freely through the turnstile when it is unlocked.
In most models have the option of being set to turn in only one direction at a time, or to be open in both directions.
In this the turning arms can be set to turn freely, or to be activated electronically, by push button, or by an access card system.

Tripod Turnstile Application
Tripod Turnstile are used indoors or outdoors .
In areas where crowd entrance and exit should be controlled and organized and not move through absolutely freely.
Metro Systems
Large venues.

Type of Tripod Turnstile and utility ?
This Most models offer either a pedestal mount so they can stand on a floor.
A wall mount it is attached to a corridor wall or spacing wall.
The pedestal mount It is usually used for exterior installations and for large interior entrance areas.
The wall mount It is used for corridor walls, spacing walls, and narrow entrances.
The Tripod arms and the mounting and casework are usually made of stainless steel, so they can withstand rough treatment by weather and human usage without rusting or otherwise corroding.

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