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Divya Electro Technica Pvt. Ltd. is the leading turnstile manufacturer of access control and Security Entrance Gate Systems, providing Full height security turnstiles, waist hight turnstiles and Dual Door Tubestile

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Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile are secure, efficient pedestrian traffic management around the perimeter of your premises.
Divya Full Height Turnstile are versatility and available in wide range .
Full height turnstile acts more as a Security Gate.
Full height turnstiles are for secure passage.
They are used either outdoors or indoors
Full height turnstile is used where some security is needed for access.
Full height acts both as turnstile and as a door.
As you approach the Full Height Turnstile, you must push and walk through the entrance on one side.
The another side of Full Height Turnstile is a fixed, unmoving set of bars that interlace with the moving ones.
Full Height Turnstile are spaced so that the revolving bars can move freely between them.
This allows the Full Height Turnstile to bar unauthorized people completely from passing.

Full Height Turnstile Features :
Full Height Turnstile are available in single or double turnstile variations
Full height turnstiles are available with 3-arm, 120 degree spacing or 4-arm, 90 degree spacing
Full Height Turnstile are available in two types Manual mechanical or electrical operation
Full Height Turnstiles can be operated either Uni- and bi- directional movement
It can be set free two-way rotation in failsafe mode (should there be a power cut, etc.)
It has shock absorbent lock mechanism for ease and comfort of use.
It isAvailable in a range of colour-coded enamel paint finishes or in standard.
Shorter Turnstiles like the Tripod Turnstile are all categorized as 'waist-high turnstiles’.
These Waist High Turnstile can slow people down or stop them temporarily, but can also be jumped over.
It is cannot be jumped over and so can be locked securely to keep people from passing.
It is usually found in fenced-in areas, and almost always used in outdoor situations.
Full Height Turnstile are an open-bar system .
It can be operated with any secure access system (such as an entry card, push button code system, etc.) in order to allow a person to pass through.
Industrial and Building Site
Sport complexes
Amusement Parks
Military Bases

Accessories for Full Height Turnstile
• Biometric Readers
• Card Swipe Systems
• Coin/Token Systems
• Digital Keypads
• Induction Loops
• Proximity Readers
• Push Button or Remote Control

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