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Your Company can be secured with our Security Gates which will restrict all unauthorized entries into your premises so as to help you maintain your privacy and confidentiality. The Security Gates will be available in various options ranging from Tripods, Full Height Turnstiles, Half Height Turnstiles, Pedestrian Flap Barriers, High security Dual Door Tubestiles etc suiting your needs like functionality, décor, budget etc.

To club this facility to a greater extent, you will also have an advantage of integrating Boom Barriers, Road Spikes, Road Blockers to restrict access of unauthorized vehicles.

All said, about restricting unauthorized access, what about your authorized access?
Your authorized people including your employees, staffs and others can be allowed to enter the premises through these Security Gates only after proper validation and authentication through our Access Control Terminals. The Access Control Systems will be available in various options ranging from Biometric Finger Scanners, Smart Card Terminals, and Bar Code Terminals according to your needs.

This Access Control System will give you point to point information of any individual's entry / exit and track their movements in your premises. The connectivity of these systems will give you options to generate various reports as per your requirements.

The usability to these machines can be increased further by configuring it not only to allow or deny access but also to record the Time and Attendance of your employees. These can further be extended to generate the Pay slips.

All said above are about your employees, but what about you're Visitors?
Your visitors should not be denied access in your premises but at the same time no illegal or unauthorized person should enter the premises in disguise of visitor, vendor, customer or what so ever.

Here comes the role of our Visitor Management System to track your visitors' movement. On the entrance itself you can generate a Visitor Card which will contain the details of the visitor. This would help you to restrict your visitor to the area of his concern and would not allow him to roam about unnecessarily in your premises and enter in your prohibited areas.

Talking about your workers, merely having them present in their respective workplace would neither do any good to you or to your company. In order to eradicate this we can provide you with Job Time Recorders. This would help you in finding out the actual time spent by your workers to perform the specified or assigned job which would further help you in grading your employees according to their efficiency.

And the same applies to your staff. Their productivity, performance, dedication is equally important as they are maintaining your different aspects of business such as H.R, Accounts, Stores, Purchase etc. We can provide you with a full fledged ERP Package as well to handle all these. This package will take care of all the important documents and transactions and maintain the database accordingly. To mention a few are Document Management, Library Management, Canteen Management, Stores & Inventory, etc.
In case if you are having a canteen and your contractor charges you more than what they are serving, we have a solution for that as well. Our Canteen Management System would nullify this discrepancy for you. This would keep a precise record of the canteen transactions of each and every employee.
But if yours is a single shift unit you wouldn't like to keep your whole business and asset under the supervision of a guard/watchman who would snore in the duty hours and take no care of your valuable property. Here our Guard Tour Monitoring unit will do the needful for you.

Your company vehicles also need to be tracked every moment so that your drivers do not misuse with the vehicle and unnecessarily do not waste fuel in the process. Our GSM/GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System would help you in keeping a complete track of your company vehicles in the move.
Configuration and controlling of these complete systems can be done from a central node or a central server to give you the utmost convenience and ease of use.

Selling these systems is no big deal, but to maintain these to help the system function smoothly for years to come is our commitment. To help you cater and give you our 'best of after sales service' throughout India we have our branches in almost all major cities and on top of that your expansion across the globe won't be solitary. We will back you there as well.
Now may we request you to glance through our product profile and recommend further use of them in your esteemed organization or projects.

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  Services Offered

* Library Management System
* Canteen Management System
* Access Control System
* Time & Attendance Management System
* Voucher (Petty Cash) Management System
* Enterprise Management System
* Accounting & Banking System
* Job Time Recording System
* Vehicle Tracking System
* GPS Navigation System
* Customer Relationship Management System
* Front Office Management System
* Inventory & Manufacturing Management System
* Parking Management System
* Entrance Control System

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