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Time and Attendance Monitoring systems which includes fingerprint attendance system and Access Control. DET - 09 widely used at entrances and exits of offices, hotels, schools, etc.



Metal Body Bar Code Time Recorder. (Time Punching Machine)  

Biometric Fingerprint ,Time Attendance System , Time Attendance machine , Time attendance and access control System in india

Features :  

* Transaction - 10,000/20,000.
* Bar code slot for swiping.
* Built in U.P.S of 48 hrs.
* Strong & Rugged metallic body.
* Output for Door Locks/Gates/Siren.
* Input for Smoke/Fire.
* Attendance Recording Systems.
* Electronic Attendance Systems.
* Time Attendance Access Control Systems.
* Fingerprint Authentication Based Time Attendance Systems.
* Barcode Card Readers.
* Time Punching Machines.
* Connectivity with 'Divya' Time Attendance/Payroll software.

  Fingerprint time & attendance system consists of two parts: the terminal and the software.
The terminal is a stand-alone fingerprint reader, mainly responsible for the registration of employees` fingerprints and the daily recording of employees` arrival(In) and departure(Out) times.
The Time Attendance software is designed to read attendance log of the terminal, to calculate worked hours by following the attendance rules set by the administrator, and to generate various kind of statistical reports.
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